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Frewen College

Frewen College

The Frewen Staff Team

Around 90 staff are employed by Frewen College, including Teaching staff, Boarding staff, Classroom Support staff, Therapists, Admin and Finance staff, Catering, Cleaning, Maintenance and Gardening Staff and Drivers.

A full list is available below, or click on the links on the left to find out more.

Senior Staff 

Name Position
Mr N Goodman,

Miss K Skinner,
BA (Hons), MA (Hons), QTS, NPQSL 

Vice Principal
Miss Y Hopkins,
Business Manager

Mrs S Welch,
BA (Hons) with QTS, Dip SpLD, ELKLAN Accreditation Level 4

Head of Prep School, English

Mr N Stanley,

BA (Hons) MA, PGCE, FRSA, OCN Level 3 Dyslexia, ELKLAN Level 3 Speech & Language

Head of Senior School

Miss H Lawrence,
BA (Hons), PGCE, OCN Level 3 Dyslexia

Head of Sixth Form and Careers, Humanities

Teaching Staff 

Name Role
Ms J Adie,

Head of ICT

Mr I Barnett Music, Guitar & Drums
Miss C Beaumont,
BA (Hons), PGCE, ELKLAN Accreditation Level 3, OCN Level 3 Dyslexia
Food & Nutrition 
Mr S Booth ICT

Ms C Bushe

BA (Hons)

Miss N Cardinale,
BSc (Hons), PGCE, OCN Level 3 Dyslexia
Miss N Carpenter,
BA (Hons), OCN Level 3 Dyslexia 
Lead Practitioner & KS2 Teacher
Mrs C Claasen,
DipHE/DipEd, OCN Level 3 Dyslexia
Mr L Claasen,
BA (Hons), HDE, OTT, OCN Level 3 Dyslexia
English & Archery Coach
Mrs E Dewar,
BA (Hons), PGCE, PG Cert SpLD Level 7 ATS
Specialist Intervention Teacher and Access Arrangements Assessor
Ms C Falder Head of Maths

Mrs D Fraser,

BA (Hons)

KS2 Teacher

Mrs D Hurford-Jones,

BA (Hons)

Mrs M Ham Singing

Mrs J Hambleton,

BA (Hons)

PE & Outdoor Education Teacher

Mr L Howard,

BA (Hons) PGCE

Cover Supervisor

Mrs S Jefferson,

BA (Hons), PGCE, OCN Level 3 Dyslexia

Ms R Lowe Head of English
Mrs M O'Connor  Maths & Science Teacher 

Mrs L Payne,

BA Hons, MA Hons, MPhil Hons & PGCE 

Mr D Sangster,
BA (Hons), PGCE

Head of Art


Mrs M Saunders Head of DT 
Mrs J Sharley,
BEd (Hons), OCN Level 3 Dyslexia
KS2 Teacher
Ms R Taylor-Wade English

Mr J Torres,

 BS C( Hons)

Mr S Wassell,
BSc (Hons), PgDip, PGCE, OCN Level 3 Dyslexia
Teacher of Science


Name Role

Ms B Driver,
MSc, CCC-SLP, MRCSLT, OCN Level 3 Dyslexia

Speech & Language Therapy
Mrs A Cowley Therapy Assistant
Mrs N Foster,
BSc (Hons), BAOT
Occupational Therapy
Mrs L York Therapy Assistant  
Mrs A Smith,
BSc (Hons), MRCSLT
Speech & Language Therapy
Mrs L Tait Occupational Therapy
Mrs V Wood,
Bsc (Hons) MCSP, OCN Level 3 Dyslexia

Teaching Assistants/Technicians 

Name Role

Mrs F Barnett

BSc (Hons)

Sixth Form
Mrs O Boulding,
Science Technician
Mrs K Burgess-Smith Food Technician
Mr G Carlton-Blake Prep School
Mrs M Davey,
BA (Hons), OCN Level 3 Dyslexia
Senior School
Mrs Z Dunga,
Prep School
Mr N Easthope Sixth Form
Mrs J Holt,
OCN Level 3 Dyslexia, NVQ Level 3 Childrens Care Learning & Development
Senior School
Mr S Lerbech Design Technology
Miss H Morley Sixth Form
Mr G Parker Sixth Form 
Mrs D Thwaites Sixth Form


Name Role

Miss H Lewis,

BA (Hons)

Head of Boarding 
Mr J Potter  Housemaster 

Mrs L Katz

Mr M Uren Assistant Housemaster
Mr R Sansiviero Assistant Housemaster


School Matron 

Name Role
Mrs C Allsopp,
MSc, PhD, BSc (Hons), ALSA
School Matron

School Doctor 

Name Role
Dr James,
Doctor (Northiam GP)

Administration Staff 

Name Role
Mrs A Baker Principal’s Personal Assistant & Admissions
Mr A Baxter Network Manager
Ms C Brimmicombe-Wood Data and Examinations Manager
Mrs K Dennett Finance Officer
Mrs M Broad Admin & Finance Assistant
Mrs J Thompson

SEND & Reviews Manager

Miss M Skonieczna Student Support & Family Liaison Officer

Maintenance and Grounds

Name Role
Mr N Bailey Gardener
Mr D Le Cornu Head Gardener
Mr B Ranson Maintenance
Mr A Smith Estates Manager
Mr A Stretton Maintenance
Mr D Stretton Assistant Gardener

Catering Staff

Name Role
Mrs Z Moore Kitchen Assistant
Mrs D Noonan Kitchen Assistant
Mr D Quye Chef Manager
Miss A Stocks Chef
Mrs J Wilde Kitchen Assistant
Mrs T Woollett Assistant Catering Manager


Name Role
Mr R Harris Cleaning Assistant
Mrs T K Ip Cleaning Assistant
Mrs P Payne Laundry Assistant
Mrs G Ramsden Cleaning Assistant
Mrs R Redford Head of Housekeeping
Mrs C Rix Cleaning Assistant
Miss E Wood Cleaning Assistant


Name Role
Mr G Bamford Minibus Driver
Mr R Dumont Minibus Driver
Mr I Redstone Minibus Driver
Mr D Tucker Minibus Driver
Mr A Wilson Minibus Driver


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  • Crested
  • The Good Schools Guide
  • Boarding Schools Association
  • Elklan's 'Communication Friendly Schools
  • Independent Schools Association