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Online Safety

The internet can be a useful tool for communicating, downloading information, researching, shopping, teaching and generally having fun playing internet games and activities. For most people the internet has become the first port of call for information and a vital part of their everyday life.

Growing up in a high-tech Internet age undoubtedly has its benefits but as our children gain a greater handle on technology it's natural to worry about the nature of the content they may be exposed to.

Below are some useful links and vidoes to help you and your childern stay safe online.

Things to consider as a family: Family Agreement Advice 

Supporting young people online: Information and advice for parents and carers 















































Social media guides:

Find out more about the safety features available on popular social networks.

Smartphones are mobile phones with internet access. They are capable of a range of functions, including social networking, listening to music, playing games, browsing the internet, checking emails, taking photos and videos and watching TV – along with the usual texting and calling! For more info please see the link below:

Gaming devices:
Children and young people love playing games. In fact, it is often through games that children first start to use technology. According to Ofcom, 41% of young people aged between 5-15 have a games console in their room. For more info please see the link below:

iPods, iPads, Kindle Fires and a range of other tablets and media players can provide young people with fantastic opportunities for entertainment and education. By connecting to the internet, these devices carry out many functions and can bring a wide range of information to your fingertips (which is why some schools are now equipping their pupils with iPads). These devices, like smartphones, allow you to download ‘apps’ which carry out fun and useful functions, from checking train times to caring for a virtual pet! There are many educational apps for iPods and iPads, which you can find in the ‘Education’ section of the App Store. For more info please see the link below:

WI-Fi @ Frewen College:

Please see the link below regarding access to the schools Wi-Fi: 

Frewen College WI-Fi access

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