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Frewen College

Mr Nick Oddy (30 years at Frewen: 1984 - 2014)

As a school community, we are greatly saddened to hear about the death of Mr Nick Oddy. He was a huge influence on the lives of countless students throughout the many years of his loyal service to the school. He was an inspirational teacher who demonstrated an individual, determined and creative teaching style, which served both the school and his pupils exceptionally well. His wonderful sense of humour, coupled with his ability to handle any situation, meant that not only was he fun to work with, but Nick was always able to step up when needed. He did this on several occasions in a variety of senior roles, including Acting Head.
He was able to command both respect and admiration from the pupils; respect as a fair, disciplinarian and admiration for the stories he told of his life before Frewen. He was genuinely liked by the pupils who loved to hear his tales of hard city life and his misdemeanours. He was firm but fair, popular and fun – credentials necessary for survival at any school.
In the later years of his teaching career at Frewen, Nick served as Deputy Headteacher, offering endless support to both pupils and his staff to ensure that the school ran smoothly and efficiently. For those of us who have been at Frewen for many years, we will remember him very fondly and will continue to enjoy rolling out the phrase, ‘well it was always OK when Mr Oddy was here’.

We are so very sorry that the Frewen community has lost such a huge part of its recent history in Nick’s passing. Pupils and staff, both past and present, would like to pass on our thanks and best wishes for having known such a wonderful man. 

Further information will be published as we receive it.

For those who knew Mr. Nick Oddy

Nick's funeral will take place at 1.30pm on Tuesday 27th February at St Mary's Church in Northiam. The service will be open to all, followed by a private cremation.

Please visit the link below for the tribute website, where you can share your memories and make donations in his remembrance.

Nicholas Oddy 1954 - 2024 (

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