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Exam Results

At Frewen we support young people across a very wide ability spectrum, from those capable of obtaining up to nine GCSEs at grades A* to C, to those for whom a combination of Level 1, Functional Skills and Entry Level passes represent an excellent personal achievement.

Because of their dyslexia, and the fact that they have not received specialist support in their previous schools, students' scores in English and Maths, in particular, are often well behind what would normally be expected for their age upon joining the school. 

Our small classes, focus on encouragement, and use of dyslexia-appropriate strategies, such as breaking subjects down into manageable chunks, and making them as interesting and practical as possible, help us to achieve our aim of ensuring that each pupil makes as much progress as possible, given their starting point when they join us.

All pupils are tested to establish baseline scores, and progress is monitored regularly to ensure that they are making necessary progress. Regular, targeted literacy support helps pupils to increase their reading, writing and spelling scores. Many pupils qualify for, and receive,  additional time or support (readers, scribes, use of assistive technology) in external examinations. 

Results, based on pupil progress and achievement against their CATS projections, have increased steadily over the last four years, and the 2017 results were the best ever. Congratulations to all the students - and their teachers - for all their hard work and commitment!


In Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) the school offers a wide range of subjects and examinations include GCSE and other Level 2 courses (Creative iMedia, BTEC, Functional Skills Level 2) as well as Level 1 Courses (Level 1 Functional Skills). All students study English, Maths and Science, plus options, including Humanities, Arts, Technology and Sports subjects, and may take up to 9 GCSEs.

GCSE and Equivalent (Level 2 courses)

The pass rate at GCSE was 100%, with candidates exceeding their CAT projections by an average of 0.4 grades across all GCSEs taken.

The subjects taken at GCSE were English Language, English Literature, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Art, Music, Drama, Design Technology (RM), and PE.  The GCSE equivalent exams taken were ICT (Creative iMedia Level 2).

Of all of the GCSE results gained by our students this August, 85% were between A* - E (or equivalent) and 50% A* - C (or equivalent) (80%, 46%) 

In English Language GCSE, 100% of Year 11 candidates achieved 9 - 2 (A*-E grades), and 50% 9 - 4 (A*C). In Maths, these figures were 72% and 45%, and Science 77% and 38%. Other headlines include Art (100%, 91%), Performing Arts (100%, 100%), Geography (57% A*-C) and History (50% A*-C). In Creative iMedia, 100% of students attained the equivalent of A*-C grades.

Other Qualifications:

Less than 10% of exams taken were Level 1, Functional Skills or Entry Level. Of these, 80% of candidates achieved the top grades possible within the qualification.






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