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The Prep Staff Team

Take a look at what makes the Prep Staff team so special.

Miss H Lewis 

Head of Boarding 

BA (Hons)

Having been a boarder myself from an early age I just knew I was destined to find a career in pastoral care. I have been a Girls’ Boarding Housemistress for many years now, before taking on the role of Head of Boarding. I live onsite with my Labradoodle, Penny, and Tortoise, Luna. The ever-changing world brings into sharp focus the importance of a full holistic education, and the part I play in the lives of the students in my care is one I feel very proud to have.

I run fun and relaxed boarding houses and encourage positivity and individuality. I have a BA in History, love a good chat about pretty much anything, enjoy arts and crafts, movie nights (with popcorn - of course!) and singing loudly and out of tune which the students find highly entertaining! It is a privilege and a joy to watch the students grow in confidence and develop their own sense of self.

Mr J Potter 


BA (Hons), PGCE

After 20 years in the emergency services, I took up the opportunity to seek a new career in education. After qualifying as a teacher, I became a Housemaster and Head of boarding at a previous school and jumped at the chance to work at Frewen College.

What makes me a great Housemaster...

I make the boarders feel like they are part of a family. Boarders have a sense of belonging, have fun, feel safe, supported and be the best versions of themselves they can be. 

Sarah Drylie


Sarah Drylie is a Drama specialist, having gone to the BRIT Performing Arts and Technology School and studying Drama and Theatre to Masters level at the University of Kent. She is a qualified Drama and English teacher and has taught in Prep, State, International and Independent schools. Sarah has spent many years in the classroom and in Boarding Houses, including Boarding Schools in Kent, Malaysia and Dubai. She completed her Boarding Schools Association Post-Graduate Certificate in Residential Care in 2014. She is married to Ewan, who has a PHD in Chemistry and works in Insurance and she has a Step-Daughter named Bella, aged 10. She loves cooking, reading, going to the Theatre, travelling, pets and walking.


Miss L Katz 

Assistant Housemistress

Having been a boarder in South Africa from primary school to university, to working as an assistant Houseparent at Frewen College, I have completed a full circle!

I taught Art and Ceramics in South Africa before immigrating to England, to join my daughters and resume a new career in house parenting.

I am a keen outdoor and wildlife enthusiast with an interest in art, crafting and history.

Mr M Uren 

Assistant Housemaster

I immigrated to the UK from South Africa in 2018 after having matriculated from high school. I was a boarder myself and so when I was offered the job as Assistant Housemaster at Frewen College I was thrilled. 

I am a keen rugby player and have an interest in most sports including rugby, cricket and American football.

I am an avid reader, reading a variety of genres, but fantasy is my favourite. I am currently studying for a degree in English and Creative Writing thorough The Open University. 

I enjoy listening to country and rock music; a perk of the job being I get to wake the boys up in the morning for breakfast by playing loud music, with anything from Meatloaf to bagpipes, Taylor Swift to Frozen!

Rosie Redford

Boarding Assistant

Mrs C Allsopp

School Matron 

BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD, ALSA

My background is in the field of infectious diseases. I am fascinated with the unseen world of microorganisms, and prior to joining Frewen College I ran a WHO Reference Laboratory and worked on disease diagnosis for many years.

I like to take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing and am very proud to have received the Frewen Boarding "Duct Tape Award" for being able to fix just about anyone! 



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Mrs S Welch

Head of Frewen Prep

BA (Hons) with QTS, Dip SpLD, ELKLAN Accreditation Level 4

I am currently Head of Prep but have worked across all age ranges at Frewen in various departments.  I originally trained as a primary teacher before specialising in dyslexia.  Twenty years of teaching at Frewen has taught me that dyslexia should not be a barrier to success.  The work I undertake with this amazing multi-disciplinary team enables our pupils to have every chance of success as children, young adults and beyond.

Natalie Carpenter

Lead Practitioner, L7 Interventions and class teacher

BA (Hons), OCN Level 3 Dyslexia 

I work in a flexible role across both the prep and senior school sites working with whole classes and on a 1:1 basis.   I trained as a primary school teacher and worked in mainstream schools before coming to Frewen nine years ago where I have gained a great deal of knowledge and understanding about dyslexia and SpLD.  I love finding creative ways to support the pupils in their learning and helping them to unlock their potential. 

Emily Dewar

L7 Interventions and class teacher

BA (Hons), PGCE, PG Cert SpLD Level 7 ATS, MDG, APC

I have been teaching for over 20 years - the last 8 years have been spent at Frewen. I am currently working across both sites. At the senior school, I am a Specialist Teacher Assessor. At The Prep, I teach maths to the youngest pupils.  I love working with children who find maths tricky. I like to unpick their foundational skills and find the gaps that are making learning mathematics difficult for them. It is a joy to see children, who were once nervous of maths, become budding mathematicians who are willing to have a go!

Debbie Fraser

Class Teacher

BA (Hons), Level 3 Dyslexia 

I have been a primary school teacher since 2014. I have experience of working across Key stage 1 and 2, with an interest in SEN, reading and equality and diversity.  It is my pleasure to work with the amazing multi-disciplinary team at Frewen. Each professional is invested in ensuring that our pupils can reach their full potential and feel happy and confident in school. I am proud to say that I work in a school where we deliver a creative curriculum where our passion for education is combined with specialist teaching techniques in order to meet the needs of each individual.

Zoe Dunga

Level 3 Teaching Assistant

NNEB, OCN Level 3 Dyslexia

I am a level 3 TA at the prep school offering support to pupils within the classroom and throughout their school day.  I have over 20 years of experiene working alongside students from early years though to upper KS2.  I am passionate about teaching early reading skills and I greatly enjoy finding new ways to motivate disengaged learners.  Rising to the challenge of working with such a neuro-diverse group of pupils means that I can honestly say, no two days at Frewen Prep have ever been the same! 

Gerard Carlton-Blake

Level 3 Teaching Assistant

I undertook my teacher training 10 years ago, however I had to shift my focus towards caring for my family instead. Joining Frewen Prep has allowed me to return to a positive and rewarding environment. Working with such creative individuals has meant that every day is different and that the children are able to receive the support and interventions to help them thrive.  I joined Frewen Prep school in June 2021 the children and amazing team here makes it feel like I've always belonged!

Ian Barnet

Music Teacher

My name is Ian Barnett, and I am the music teacher at Frewen prep. I have been playing guitar, teaching and leading music projects across East Sussex, inspiring young people from all backgrounds and all abilities for the past 35 years. Here at Frewen, it is a great privilege to see our students' skills, self-esteem, confidence, and ability to respect and work with others grow both in group music and individual instrument lessons. 

Michael Uren

PE Teacher

I teach games and work as a teaching assistant at the prep school.  My main role at Frewen is Assistant Housemaster in the boys boarding house. I have worked with pupils in boarding schools across all ages as well as helping to provide support in classrooms. I enjoy helping students embrace and learn to enjoy physical exercise and realise that's it's more about fun and enjoyment than winning. 

Bethany Driver

Lead Speech and Language therapist

MSc, CCC-SLP, MRCSLT, OCN Level 3 Dyslexia

I am the Team Lead for Speech and Language Therapy here at Frewen and I work with students across all age ranges, helping them meet their speech, language and communication goals. I hold a master's degree in speech-language pathology and have had the privilege of serving the students of Frewen as a Speech and Language Therapist for twenty-two years. It is a joy to be part of the Frewen community and to know that together, we are helping our students reach their full potential. 

Amanda Smith

Speech and Language Therapist

BSc (Hons), MRCSLT

I am a qualified Speech and Language Therapist who has worked at Frewen College for ten years. I work with students from all age ranges. Even though I see children for a range of different needs my main area of specialism is social communication and I enjoy supporting some of our very youngest pupils with social stories, games and working on friendship skills.

Lisa York

Speech and Language Therapy Assistant

I am currently the Speech and Language Therapy Assistant at Frewen and have been in this role for two years. I work across all ages at the prep, senior school and sixth form. Previous to taking this role, my background has included working as a teaching assistant and individual learning assistant as well as working for the East Sussex Behaviour and Attendance Service. I enjoy my role at Frewen which allows me to witness the progress of our amazing students.

Nicki Foster

Lead Occupational Therapist

BSc (Hons), BAOT, OCN Level 3 Dyslexia

As a Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist, I worked in the NHS for 11 years, before moving to Frewen College and I am proud to be the Team Lead of the OT/Physio Team, with experienced, creative and engaging colleagues. My specialist areas are Handwriting (looking at the underlying skills needed to support this complex area),  Visual Perception, Dyslexia and Mindfulness Strategies and as part of my approach, having fun, helps students engage and is important to enable students to achieve their potential.

Val Wood

Physio Therapist

Bsc (Hons) MCSP, OCN Level 3 Dyslexia

I worked as an NHS children’s Physio for 35 years, alongside Frewen for the last 10. Unusually for a Physio, I have a passion for supporting young people with sensory processing/coordination and learning difficulties. I use my more ‘traditional’ Physio skills to assess for any underlying physical difficulties that might be affecting them acquiring efficient coordination - and hence their ability to access the curriculum. I value working closely with experienced colleagues and parents to build the student’s skills and self-esteem. We have ALOT of fun along the way! 

Lucy Tait

Occupational Therapist

BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration Practitioner, OCN level 3 Dyslexia 

I completed my BSc Occupational Therapy degree at the University of Brighton and then specialised in paediatrics. I am experienced at working with children and young people, and have worked in various specialist and mainstream schools, utilising my friendly and easy-going personality to build trust.  I am passionate about advocating for children’s needs and promoting the power of Occupational Therapy to improve independence and function.  I have just passed my SI level 3 and I am officially an Sensory integration practitioner.  I love everything sensory related! 

Alison Cowley

Occupational Therapy Assistant

BA (Hons), OCN Level 3 Dyslexia

Alison Cowley has been an Occupational Therapy Assistant at Frewen since September 2021, working in all locations. She has extensive previous experience as a performer and teacher of dance with a special interest in dance therapy, and she is a qualified Pilates instructor. Alison is also an English graduate and is Primary Teacher trained. With a new qualification in dyslexia, she has a varied background which she hopes keeps her sessions fresh and interesting.

Nick Goodman



Nick has extensive experience in senior leadership and development of schools, in the independent, maintained and international sectors.  Nick's background is in the Arts, and he attended Art School, studying fine art, film and sound before training to become a teacher, and working as Head of Department, Head of Faculty, Assistant Headteacher, Director of Specialism and Vice Principal. Nick was responsible for overseeing Special Needs provision for 15 years before being appointed Principal of Frewen College in September 2014.


Katie Skinner

Vice Principal

Ba (Hons), MA (Hons), QTS, NPQSL 

Katie has taught in a range of special schools including provisions for pupils with Profound, Severe and Complex needs and Communication and Interaction difficulties. During the last 8 years she has held a range of leadership roles including Assistant Head, Wellbeing Manager and CPD Manager for the Collaborative Learning Alliance of Special Schools. Prior to joining Frewen College she was a Specialist Teacher for Social Emotional and Mental Health needs in the Kent district of Swale supporting settings to meet the needs of learners with SEND by providing advice and support, delivering training and leading provision development projects.  Katie is a Sleep Scotland sleep counsellor and has been involved in creating a range of free support resources and interventions with particular relation to friendship skills, executive function, diagnosis support and Tourette's.  


Yvonne Hopkins

Business Manager


Business strategy, Finance, Estates and Marketing

Yvonne has worked in a number of sectors throughout her career and most recently education.

phone: 01797 253388

Sally Welch

Head of Frewen Preparatory

BA (Hons), PGCE, Dip SpLD

Sally has been at Frewen since 2002, as 'Teacher in charge' at the junior school, Head of English, and since January 2015, Head of the Prep School. Sally brings experience, enthusiasm and expertise to the role, and holds the  role of Head of Year 7 in order to ensure the transition to the senior school is as seamless as possible. 


Hannah Lewis

Head of Boarding

BA (Hons)

Hannah joined Frewen College in 2015 as Girls Housemistress; later taking on the role of Head of Boarding in January 2023. 

Hannah has over 15 years of experience within Boarding, bringing expertise to the role and leading the department with enthusiasm, encouraging individuality, inclusivity and positivity.  


Hazel McCalvey

Head of Upper School & Designated Safeguarding Lead

BA (Hons), PGCE, OCN Level 3 Dyslexia

Hazel is a passionate teacher with over 15 years experience working in Mainstream and with Special Needs.

She joined Frewen College in 2012 in the Humanities department; later taking responsibility for leading this department before becoming Head of Sixth Form & Careers in September 2017. Trained as a History teacher, Hazel has also taught Geography, RE, PSHE & SEAL. She is also an examiner for GCSE History. 


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