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Frewen College

Frewen College

The Boarding Staff Team

We are often told from our boarders that we have a 'home from home' atmosphere in boarding and our committed and friendly boarding staff ensure students feel at home. 

Ms S Medcraft 

Head of Boarding 

Boarding is second-nature to me having been a boarder myself, parent to a flexi boarder and housemistress for several years.

One of the things I enjoy most about Boarding is that it is never static. Children join our extended family at various points in their education, and we share their journey for a while. Suddenly one day they have become young adults and as they move on to a new chapter you can only hope that you have prepared them well enough.

And now our Boarding redecoration plans have started rolling out, so it won't only be the faces that change...!

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Miss L Katz 

Assistant Housemistress - Girls' House 

Having been a boarder in South Africa from primary school to university, to working as an assistant Houseparent at Frewen College, I have completed a full circle!

I taught Art and Ceramics in South Africa before immigrating to England, to join my daughters and resume a new career in house parenting.

I am a keen outdoor and wildlife enthusiast with an interest in art, crafting and history.

Mr M Uren 

Assistant Housemaster - Boys' House 

I immigrated to the UK from South Africa in 2018 after having matriculated from high school. I was a boarder myself and so when I was offered the job as Assistant Housemaster at Frewen College I was thrilled. 

I am a keen rugby player and have an interest in most sports including rugby, cricket and American football.

I am an avid reader, reading a variety of genres, but fantasy is my favourite. I am currently studying for a degree in English and Creative Writing thorough The Open University. 

I enjoy listening to country and rock music; a perk of the job being I get to wake the boys up in the morning for breakfast by playing loud music, with anything from Meatloaf to bagpipes, Taylor Swift to Frozen!


Miss H Lewis 

Housemistress - Girls' House 

Having been a boarder myself from an early age I just knew I was destined to find a career in pastoral care. I have been the Housemistress of The Warren - Girls' Boarding, at Frewen College for many years now, where I live onsite with my Labradoodle, Penny and Tortoise, Luna. The ever-changing world brings into sharp focus the importance of a full holistic education, and the small part I play in the lives of the students in my house is one I feel very proud to have.

I run a fun and relaxed house and encourage positivity and individuality. I have a BA in History, love a good chat about pretty much anything, enjoy arts and crafts, movie nights (with popcorn - of course!) and singing loudly and out of tune with the girls! It is a privilege and a joy to watch the students grow in confidence and develop their own sense of self. Being a Houseparent is, without a doubt, the most rewarding job I have ever had. 


Mr J Potter 

Housemaster - Boys' House 

After 20 years in the emergency services, I took up the opportunity to seek a new career in education. After qualifying as a teacher, I became a Housemaster and Head of boarding at a previous school and jumped at the chance to work at Frewen College.

What makes me a great Housemaster...

I make the boarders feel like they are part of a family. Boarders have a sense of belonging, have fun, feel safe, supported and be the best versions of themselves they can be. 

Mr R Sansiviero

Assistant Housemaster - Boys' House

I am a T.A experienced in Pastoral, with areas of expertise: Football, Music, Languages, and Acting. Committed to making a contribution to all the students' personal growth, as a part of their learning experience.

Mrs C Allsopp

School Matron 

My background is in the field of infectious diseases. I am fascinated with the unseen world of microorganisms, and prior to joining Frewen College I ran a WHO Reference Laboratory and worked on disease diagnosis for many years.

I like to take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing and am very proud to have received the Frewen Boarding "Duct Tape Award" for being able to fix just about anyone! 


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  • Elklan's 'Communication Friendly Schools
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