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Help With Fees

Potential Sources of Financial Support

Please note that this information is passed on in good faith but without any responsibility on the part of Frewen College as to its accuracy or relevance in any specific case. Please do advise us of any inaccuracies, or any additional bodies you come across that are able to help. Please note that quite a high proportion of the charitable trusts that offer support confine this to situations where family or financial circumstances have deteriorated, putting pre-existing school placements in jeopardy, particularly in the GCSE years. Many of the grants are modest in size.


The Governing Body has ultimate responsibility for the awarding of all awards and will, as a matter of routine, delegate detailed analysis of bursarial applications to an external agency who will liaise directly with parents in the first instance. The award of all bursaries is also based on the extent to which the School considers that the individual pupil can contribute most to and gain most from the educational experience at Frewen. These are normally means-tested every year (on income and capital), to ensure the School is scrupulous about fairness. For more details please contact the Business Manager and if you wish to apply for a bursary, then please complete the form below and send to Bursary Administration Limited.


Armed Services and FCO staff can usually obtain virtually full funding of boarding fees where appropriate. Some other large employers have charitable funds which may be able to assist. Armed Services staff should first approach the information office or 'hive' on their base.

Individual grants – Armed Forces Education Trust

Educational Trusts Forum

This body provides a central database of charities prepared to consider grants and awards to individual families, albeit often in very closely defined circumstances. It is a service provided by the Independent Schools Council, of which Frewen is a member. Contact details are:

Educational Grants Service,

ISC c/o Joint Educational Trust,

6-8 Fenchurch Buildings,

London EC3M 5HT

Phone 05601 503 524             Website:


Royal National Children's Foundation

The RNCF was created by the merger of the Joint Educational Trust and the Royal Wanstead Children's Foundation. It has a wide brief but particularly aims to help children whose family circumstances are especially challenging. They have helped a number of our pupils in the past. Contact details are:

Mrs Chris Hughes,


Sandy Lane,


Surrey KT11 2ES

Phone: 01932 868622       email: website:

Fashion & Textile Children's Trust FTCT

FTCT offer other types of specialist support and therapies. It is really dependent on the child’s needs. More information our the types of support we offer can be found on our website here: What we fund | Fashion & Textile Children's Trust (

Therapy Grants | Fashion & Textile Children's Trust (

City Livery Companies       

Most of the 108 City Livery Companies have charitable funds, many of them educational, and details can be found on their individual websites or through Many restrict support to families of people employed within their trade or profession.


The Royal Masonic Trust will sometimes help with funding for the children or grandchildren of freemasons. We believe they restrict this to one relative per member. Contact should be via the family member of the masons, to:

The Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys,

60 Great Queen Street,

London WC2B 5AZ               


Religious Foundations

A number of religious charitable trusts will help children of members of their specific religious groups but invariably require evidence of your membership. Approaches are accordingly best made through your local religious leader.

Local Trusts

A number of charitable trusts confine their support within very specific geographical boundaries. These grants tend to be of limited size, but in relative terms, are easier to obtain if you qualify. Some of the qualifying locations within the catchment area of the school are: 

Kent: Ashford, Canterbury, Hawkhurst, Hythe, New Romney

East Sussex: Hastings, Mayfield, East Sussex.

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